Tips to Eliminate Home Paint Odor

Towards Eid or will be used as a meeting place for families and friends, so that the room looks beautiful is nothing but by changing the color or painted. The painted room will indeed create a new and beautiful impression to look at. Although sometimes after that comes the smell of paint at hargapromosupermarket.

The majority of people after the room was painted were given air freshener to repel the smell of paint which was a little disturbing, but sometimes choosing the air freshener can actually cause an unpleasant smell again. Here are some natural tips from harga promo for removing paint odors that you can try at home:

  • Provide large fresh onions, or about 2 onions for 1 room painted. Cut the onions small, the more surface area the better.
  • Place the onion pieces and spread them on another plate or container. Put it in a room that has just been painted. Let stand 1-2 days or until the onion pieces wilt and dry. Replace with new onions if the smell of indoor paint is still there. Stream fresh air into the room by opening the window and turning on the fan window if there is one.
  • If the fan window is not there, turn on the fan in a safe position in the window facing the outdoor environment. Turn on the fan with the highest setting with the fan facing out.
  • Open another room window and leave it open for 30 minutes to drain air into the room.
  • Open the window in the third room and immediately close the window in the second room. The window in the first room (with a fan) stays open with the fan still on. Leave the window open for 30 minutes.
  • Open the window in another room and close the window that was opened before. Leave for 30 minutes for each room. Keep doing it until all the rooms get a fresh flow of air. After that, turn off the fan and close the window.

That is a simple way to get rid of the smell of house paint. May be this information from useful.

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