Tips for Overcoming the Habits of Snoring Food in Children

Various ways are done by parents to stimulate the growth of the child to run optimally. One of them is by giving solid foods that are fully nutritious to your child who is aged 1 year and above such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The most important as a source of energy and body building substances and vitamins and minerals that function as regulatory substances.

But unfortunately the little one often has bad eating habits such as eating food habits. This habit often occurs in children who are new to solid foods. The reason can be because he does not yet understand the correct way to chew, namely in the transition from liquid food to solid food or because it is too engrossed in playing so he forgets the food in his mouth.

The habit of snacking on food can cause various health problems such as easily damaged teeth and lack of essential nutrients that are needed.

These fluttering habits can be overcome in various ways including:

Vary the menu

That menu alone will make children bored and lazy to eat, even encouraging children to become picky eater. Serve different foods every day or replace rice with bread or noodles. Every now and then let the child choose his favorite food to be more excited when eating.

Create a pleasant meal time

Avoid feeding children while playing or watching television. Get used to eating together at the dining table with other family members. Do not pinch or hit a child if he is eating food or eating for a long time.

Teach the correct way to chew

Parents must play an active role in modeling the correct way of chewing gradually, namely how to open the mouth and move the jaw.

Stop the habit of sucking pacifiers

This habit can make children become accustomed to eating food. Reduce the use of pacifiers and explain in simple language the bad effects of constipation.

Eat first before playing

It’s best not to give your child a meal while playing so he doesn’t forget to chew due to being too engrossed in playing. Separate the time between eating and playing.

Limit meal times, which is no more than 30 minutes

Because the food will be oxidized and contaminated so that the taste changes. Finish eating in 30 minutes. Do not force the child to spend his food because it can make him traumatized and eating time becomes a frightening moment for the child. It is better to eat in small portions but often than large portions but forced to run out for more than 30 minutes.

Those are tips that parents can do if their child has a habit of eating food. May be useful.

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