Tips for Overcoming Children Who Have Difficulty Bathing

Little children like to play dirty, but when there is a bath, they are passionate about going through it, but sometimes there are children who are reluctant when told to take a bath. 

Even for whatever reason he doesn’t want to take a shower. Though bathing is the most important and primary way of cleaning his body to avoid various germs that cause disease.

If your child is very difficult to take a shower, try the following methods:

  • Maybe our child is afraid of being cold, so before he is told to take a shower touch the water in the tub first. Does it feel cold or not. If it feels cold, occasionally use warm water so that the child feels comfortable.
  • Maybe the child doesn’t want to take a shower standing. If this is the case, try using a bathtub like when you are a baby.
  • To make the bathing atmosphere pleasant, not monotonous, and not impressed to be forced to bring his favorite toy. Then invite him to bathe the toy together. That way our child knows that bathing is fun.
  • Invite dialogue with a language that is easy to understand. Also explain that bathing makes the body clean, healthy and fragrant.
  • In the autonomous and egocentric phase, young children want to do things themselves. If that’s the case, we can choose special toiletries for him such as dipper that has the color that children like.
  • At this age children want to try things themselves. So invite the child to soap his own body. If he has difficulty on his back, he should be helped by asking for soft permission so that the atmosphere is pleasant.
  • You can also try it by playing songs so that the atmosphere becomes cheerful.

Those are some tips for children to take a bath. The most important thing is our patience as parents, so do not give up quickly, for example our child does not want to take a bath immediately because by giving continuous understanding, the child will surely obey to take a bath. May be useful.

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