Helping Children Succeed in School

In any activity the role of parents is indeed very important. It can even be said that parents are the main factor determining the success of children when they are babies, toddlers, toddlers and when children sit in school.

The role of parents when the child before school is to feed, regulate sleep, invite play, change diapers and so forth. While the role of parents when children enter the school world is as follows:

Encourage Children to Read

Reading is an important activity compared to other activities. When at home provide books that are related to his age, so children can dig up the info from reading it. According to research, one of the best predictors of academy’s success is the amount of time students read. Books not only open up the world and new ideas for children, but reading also builds vocabulary, improves memory, fosters their imagination and teaches them valuable thinking skills.

Limit TV and Other Toys

So many programs in televesi often make children forget about their learning activities. As parents need to be strict in limiting children when watching television shows. Maybe some parents are also not willing to tv shows that continue to be turned off when the child will learn. As parents need to succumb to the good of the child. If you really want to watch television programs with your child, you should choose a television program that contains an educational element.

Set the Right Sleep Clock

Sleep deprivation makes children vulnerable to illness, which means they don’t go to school and can miss lessons. Avoid problems by setting the night’s sleep hours for children and obeying. According to Jodi Mindell, PhD., Member of the National Sleep Foundation, elementary school-aged children need to sleep between 10 and 12 hours every night. He also recommends allowing an additional 10 to 20 minutes for the time needed for the child to fall asleep. Child’s bedtime at night is not allowed later than 20:30.

Establish a Consistent Routine

Approach and find out positive children’s activities or hobbies such as soccer, basketball, dancing and so on. After that set to get a balance between the school and other activities.

Do What You Say

In order for school activities to run smoothly children must be responsible for being on time and behaving well. but this will not not be created if you as a parent do not give an example. So behave well in front of the child because the child will imitate it.

Those are things that can help a child succeed in school. Hopefully useful for you and your family.

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