Get Used To Health Check-Ups

As we age our bodies experience a natural decline in health or commonly called degeneration. This phase is unavoidable. everyone experiences it without exception and happens without us knowing it. We just realized it when suddenly experiencing pain that we were not aware of before, as it used to be very strong in lifting a heavy burden, now only able to lightly, often staying up late / working overtime the body feels normal but now often complains of head.

These small diseases cannot be tolerated because they will slowly become serious / chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, kidney function disorders and so on. Therefore, check-ups must be done more often as we get older. In general, check-ups are considered less important. Some people go to the doctor only when they are sick. Even though actually preventing pain is much cheaper and easier than treating it. We don’t need expensive check-ups, we can do simple things like blood tests (hemoglobin, platelets, leukocytes, etc.), detect blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, kidney function and liver function.

Examination is to find out diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, kidney disorders and so forth. This examination can be done at the clinic / hospital. If the basic examination seems to indicate an indication that we have certain diseases such as hypertension, we immediately take action, among others, by correcting our daily lifestyle. Hypertension is a disease that is not recognized by sufferers and many of us already have symptoms of hypertension but still ignore it. Like having symptoms and not eating food that is a taboo but still consuming it. In general, hypertension at an early stage has not shown clear pain symptoms, new symptoms are evident when the stadium is advanced. Early stage hypertension will become severe if you do not change the pattern of life. Symptoms that arise include frequent headaches, dizziness, vertigo, even if it’s chronic can cause kidney problems.

In addition to hypertension, the disease does not feel the symptoms due to unhealthy eating patterns such as diabetes. Symptoms of this disease include frequent urination, always feeling thirsty and hungry, losing weight even though eating a lot. Because the symptoms are not very clear, the patient is not aware of it at all. Likewise the problem of cholesterol, high cholesterol will not immediately cause symptoms of pain. The symptoms may only be felt after years of someone suffering from hypercholesterolemia.

The same thing will also happen in other diseases such as kidney function disorders. People whose kidneys have been disrupted can still stay fit and still think they can but if it is severe then the disease is realized. No less important is the need to be detected early by check-up, namely hepatitis B. The disease also does not feel the symptoms. The result will be fatal if the infection is not immediately known and left alone because of a severe illness and can endanger the life.

With the many diseases that arise without our knowledge, we are encouraged to check up regularly. Examination does not need to wait until the age of 40. Because nowadays due to unhealthy lifestyles, many of those in productive age already suffer from severe diseases as above.

That is the benefit of a health check-up. Hopefully we are always given health.

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