Child Toilet Education

Parents in educating their children to get used to being able to pee or defecate according to their time need stimulation that can be started at the age of 2 months. 

The way parents can check their diapers or change their diapers after getting wet. Parents as people closest to their children must be able to know when the child pee or defecate.

If a child from the age of 2 months is not able to be taught in toilet education, there is no harm in the child being taught at the age of 1 year. Where at this age the child experiences the anal phase, where in this phase the child reaches satisfaction in the anus. This satisfaction phase is related to cleanliness and discipline schedule. 
Can be concluded the little one can start this exercise since the age of 1 year. If children are taught at the age of more than 3 years it is feared that they will experience a little difficulty changing the pattern that has become a behavior. Apart from that, you could say that your little one is experiencing a setback and it could be that he will be the subject of ridicule from his friends.

Many parents still feel unsure about when to start teaching the importance of toilet education to the little one. In this case the first parent understands the instructions that the child is ready to do it. Parents can observe signs that indicate when the child is ready to be taught to the toilet, including:

  • Children already have the ability to follow simple instructions.
  • Able to understand words about the toilet process.
  • Understand the rules and responses when going to defecate both large and small.
  • Have the ability to express verbally the desire to urinate.
  • Can keep the diaper dry for 2 hours.
  • Able to sit or squat alone on a pot or toilet.
  • Smart in lowering or removing diapers.

That is a sign of the readiness of the little one to be taught on the toilet. May be useful.

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