Benefits Of Holding A Baby

Some mothers are reluctant to carry their babies because they have the notion that babies who are often held will become cranky, whiny, and spoiled. For some mothers, this can interfere with their daily activities. But if you know the techniques and benefits of carrying a baby, we as mothers will be happy in carrying their babies.

There are two kinds of holding a baby, holding in front and holding behind. The majority of mothers prefer holding in the back using a sling backpack or commonly called a back pack. This method allows the mother to continue to carry out daily activities more freely because nothing is blocking the front. In addition, carrying this method does not require more energy than other methods. Babies who are carried in this way will feel more comfortable and feel free because they can freely see in all directions. For mothers, they can find signs of an uncomfortable baby, such as backing up. Babies carrying a back pack are required when the baby is 6 months / after the baby can sit independently. Because the ideal way to carry the back is to position both legs open naturally, like the position of a frog. Position the pelvis properly because the right position of the pelvis will strengthen the hip joint to help develop the next baby,

Babies who are held in front may become fussy, this is due to the uncomfortable position of the baby. Because the baby is difficult to bend his knees optimally and the baby cannot turn his body according to his wishes. Baby’s comfort also depends on the quality of the sling. We recommend that you buy a sling with a rigid material to be able to maintain the stability of the spine, besides that it can be durable and able to keep up with the growth of the baby. Make sure there are age and weight restrictions, make sure there are also back pack components such as headrests, shoulder support and back. Do not choose soft ingredients because it can endanger the stability of the spine which can cause a disability in the spine and neck.

Carrying a baby has various benefits for mother and baby including:

  1. For babies, they don’t cry too much because the sling can produce movements such as when the baby is in the womb.
  2. Can help the growth of the baby because holding creates a closeness between the baby and his mother where the baby feels comfortable and safe.
  3. Carrying a baby can help the baby’s speaking ability in communication. Because when a baby is able to sit upright in a baby carrier, he begins to pay attention to the speaker by seeing the right lip movements to form the right articulation.
  4. Babies who are held will learn more from the outside environment compared to babies who are only put on the bed.
  5. Can give peace to the mother because by holding a baby mother can do daily activities without being disturbed by baby crying without having to go back and forth to the room to check the condition of the baby.
  6. Can avoid mothers from postpartum depression, mothers who carry their babies get hormonal stimulation so that maternal hormones are high which has the effect of calming babies.

Thus reviews of the ways and benefits of carrying a baby. Congratulations on carrying your baby.

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