Benefits Of Breakfast For Health

Many of us ignore breakfast or breakfast on the grounds that there is no time for cooking, not appetite, fear of fat and so on. That’s because they assume that breakfast is less important. The presumption that breakfast is avoided is a reason for fear of obesity, it is a false assumption. On the contrary, avoiding breakfast tends to have a greater appetite during lunch time.

A good breakfast contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, adequate fat and water. In moderate portions which is around ¼ of total daily caloric needs. If you want to lose weight not only reduce the portion at breakfast but reduce the portion evenly at all meals both breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast between adults, school-age children and teenagers is different. School-age children and adolescents are highly recommended for complete nutrition. Because at this age they really need energy from breakfast to help them still be able to concentrate until lunch time. Actually some of the school children / teenagers have had breakfast but unfortunately the breakfast nutrition is generally not balanced because their parents only have limited time in the morning to prepare dishes. And take another alternative by choosing a practical breakfast menu such as a cup of fresh bread added with milk / cheese / white rice plus omelet / beef eye.

If you don’t eat breakfast, school-age children cannot concentrate and if they feel hungry they cannot leave the time to study to find food, even if they can go out around the school there are only unhealthy snacks. Another case with an adult breakfast. Adult breakfast can be delayed / with low calories for those on a diet. Because adults already have the ability to control diet in a disciplined manner. In addition, the body of adults is far more trained in managing energy reserves. Even if they are hungry, it is easier to find food with better nutrition than snacks for school children.

Breakfast should not be left out because breakfast is very important for our body. A good breakfast / breakfast is before 9 in the morning. Time is limited in the morning do not be made an excuse to leave breakfast because there is no time to cook it, for that time we spend the night by cooking at night before, then put it in the refrigerator. In the morning we just need to warm up the food. Even if you don’t have breakfast at home, the dish can be packaged to make lunch.

To add to the taste and nutritional content of the breakfast menu must be varied. Because with that menu alone we will get bored and reduce appetite, besides that with a monotonous menu we will also get monotonous nutrients too even though our bodies need a variety of nutrients.

That is the benefit of breakfast for our health. Hopefully with this review, we all know about the importance of breakfast so we don’t leave it as much as possible.

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